Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

Happy Fourth of July to all my American friends and family. It is the fourth of July 2009, and I am overlooking the glorious waters that surround Montauk, NY. I am accompanied by my lovely, American friends Annmarie and George. We have taken the motor home on an amazing expedition. Together we are discovering the wonderful vibrancy of the Hamptons, the surf friendly shores of Montauk and the we are now relaxing at the gorgeous overlook at Hither Hills west.

While in the South Hampton's we took in the friendly local culture on Main Street, did some window shopping, and looked at the brilliant local homes. We went to a lovely vineyard and listened to some great live jazz while viewing acres of perfectly lined grape vines. Our evening was spent on Jagger Lane in the luxury motor home with the glistening evening lights of the local Waulbaums. My favorite part was watching a cute swan drift in the water with her little babies trailing close behind in a little line.

We quickly move to Montauk, the tip of Long Island. We stayed at Montauk State Park. I saw the cutest bunnies. We went for a spooky night walk to the rocky beach through a wooded trail. I thought I saw a huge butterfly only to be informed that most likely it was in fact a bat!!! While on the beach the only light was from a close by Lighthouse and the nearly half moon that shone pearls on the waves. The smell from the citronella candle made Annmarie feel a little sickly, so I bravely led the way on the unlit trails leading back to the motor home. In the morning, I ventured out solo to another beach. I did some meditation, listened to the sound of the waves, made some art sculptures with the stones on the beach, and made friends with the growing crowd of vacationers. Meditation on the beach is the best way to meditate. Finally, before heading back to my friends in the motor home I sat on a giant wooden swing and listened to my IPod.

We continue our journey on to Hither Hills West, overlooking the splendor of God's hands. The amazing blue ocean, the clear blue skies, the miles of forests and all the while sitting on cushion seats while watching a suspense movie "The Edge". We will soon venture to the close by beach to have a spectacular view of the Fireworks. The biggest challenge on this journey thus far is my lack of cell phone reception (NO SIGNAL), so I miss my daily conversations with my daddy and the rest of the family. Aside from the wonderful company of my lovely friends, the breathtaking views are enough to leave lasting, lifelong memories of the beauty of America. May God Bless America.

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