Sunday, February 21, 2010

My favorite Indian Restaurant, Spice Village

Growing up eating the yummiest of yummy Indian Food, from my mom's home cooking, to my relatives, and the best of Indian cuisine during my frequent trips to India, I consider myself to be a good resource of TASTE quality. Unfortunately, many people think that Indian food is just spices which translates into heat and indigestion. It is actually flavor heaven. Indian dishes use Spices that are meant to add flavor and enhance the health benefits of the food. We use turmeric which is a common spice in Ayurvedic medicines, we use cinnamon which helps regulate blood sugar, cumin & coriander which add flavor and help to strengthen the stomach lining, as well as promote a healthy colon. While I can go on and on listing the health benefits to various ingredients in Indian food, this post is about my favorite Indian Restaurant. Spice Village in Tuckahoe, NY (take the Metro North West to Tuckahoe and you will find it) is by far the most authentic Indian Restaurant I have been to. Most times when I go there, I speak with the friendly staff in Malayalam which is the Indian dialect that both they, and my parents speak, this adds to the homey atmosphere for me. But the taste of the food.....WOW!!! The chefs are from my parents hometown area (Kottayam, Kerala, India) and make everything taste delicious, and very much like home cooking. This is THE BEST INDIAN RESTAURANT to go to. They offer a wide variety on the buffet with both North and South Indian items. Both vegetarian and non vegetarian options. The food is healthy and tasty. I have been to many Indian restaurants and found that the food was too spicy, too salty, too creamy and I could taste if it was fresh or not. This restaurant is PERFECT! As I type this blog post, I am joyfully digesting another amazing lunch from Spice Village. While my stomach is adjusting to coming off my 30 day fast, I make the sacrifice and "take one for the team" as they say when it comes to this place. If you want to eat Indian food and love it, go to Spice Village. Everyone I have sent there so far, have gone back repeatedly, brought friends and been so grateful to have found this cuisine treasure. For Holidays they tend to offer more items on the buffet so here are some pics of my Valentines Day lunch. Some of my favorite items include cabbage thorin, masala dosha, vada & sambar, gulab jamun, dal, and the chilly cauliflower dish that is on my plate in the picture above ~ Peace & Hugs, Ambria

1) Ambria with a plate of masala dosha, mouth watering strawberries, chilly cauliflower, mushroom curry, okras and a giant smile of delight on my face.
2) the wide variety of delicious buffet items
3) the Valentines Holiday Indian Dessert table (THE BEST & FRESHEST sweets you will enjoy)

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