Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Heart Chakra Workshop at Bamboomoves

Last night a gorgeous group of ladies signed up for a special Valentines Heart Chakra Workshop at Bamboomoves. The heart chakra is the energy point at our heart center that governs the energies of love and compassion. This chakra creates balance between all the chakras, and is a vital component in restoring the mind, body and spirit to harmony. From my studies of Ayurveda, Shiatsu and Yoga, I understand how the subtle body is key to both physical and emotional healing.

With our yoga mats arranged in a chakra (wheel formation), together we found love. We went through a night of heart opening pranayama (breath work), asana (poses) dhyana (meditation) chanting (bhakti/yoga of devotion). We dove deep into our hearts, and exposed ourselves to love that brought out emotions that some of us didn't know were there. We cried, laughed, chanted, and broke a sweat while we flowed through a heart opening vinyasa (yoga flow). One of the best ways to open/heal the heart chakra is through forgiveness which is not always easy to do. When I led the ladies in a Kundalini Heart Opening exercise which I like to call a "Yoga Hugs" where we did a breath inspired chest fly like movement with our arms outstretched, I was reminded of how when I was a little girl I did something similar with my mommy. My beloved mommy who passed away six years ago used to ask me "how much do you love me?" and I would respond "I love you this much" with my arms stretched out. So just like I used to do as a child, I had this amazing group of ladies do the same movement offering this "Yoga Hug" to someone they love, and then to someone that may have caused them grief. Some ladies admitted that offering that second round of "Yoga Hugs" to the person who caused them grief inspired some unexpected teeth gritting. When we offer love to someone who may have caused frustration in our lives we liberate ourselves from the negative strongholds and experience healing and connection with Divine. Forgiveness is Love. We progressed our wonderful evening into an emotional "Oneness Blessing" by the lovely Carissa. With open hearts and the energy of love in the air we feasted on the most yummy, delicious Vegan Chocolate Cake called "Death by Chocolate",and a variety of Organic Chocolate Candies with some Green Tea.

All in all the Valentine's Heart Chakra Workshop was a tremendous success and we are hoping to have a Chakra Workshop each month due to the demand. Thanks ladies for making the night an amazing experience of LOVE. ~ Peace & Hugs, Ambria

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