Sunday, February 14, 2010

Kids Valentine's Yoga @ Bamboomoves

Usually we have a wall to wall Kids Yoga class at Bamboomoves, BX. Somehow this year for Valentine's Day/Presidents Day weekend we had a small class with my veterans. We did Valentine's Mandalas, my "Yoga Tree" song with a Linden Tree as our pose (a Linden tree has heart shaped leaves), and we worked on headstand. These ladies were so excited to show me their newly developed headstand practice as taught to them by the brilliant Yoga Instructor Monica. One of the little girls brought treats for everyone and a cuddly little teddy bear for me. The kids at Bamboomoves are growing in their Yoga practice and encourage each other. The growing community at Bamboomoves is wonderful to be apart of, and the generosity of spirit in the kids yoga class is a direct reflection on some amazing parents. Happy Valentine's Day!
Picture: Mia, Milta, Ambria, Jaleen (Ladybug)

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