Saturday, February 20, 2010

PreNatal Yoga At Bamboomoves

While our Yoga classes at Bamboo are growing in numbers with mats wall to wall, we are still growing the Pre Natal Yoga class. Often times it is only a few expectant moms who venture out to the studio and stretch their bodies, chant, learning calming breathing techniques and deepen the connection with the baby. Hopefully we will have some more young ladies that embrace Pre Natal Yoga to increase flexibility, strength, focus, strengthen the pelvic floor and most importantly support each other in the celebration of new life. For some time I have had the privilege to work with Julisa, a first time expectant mom. Her flexibility is amazing and she is grown in her yoga practice. Today, she brought her hubby (Rich) and they both told me that they are having a Girl!!!! Yea!!! It is so wonderful when Dad's-to-be participate, and assist moms in the healthy approach to pregnancy. We laughed, stretched, and chanted, which brought some more laughing out of all of us, and did some pranayama (breathing exercises). Rich had the chance to learn some prenatal Yoga partner poses/assists. Congratulations to the both of you! ~ Peace & Hugs, Ambria

Pictured: Julisa is doing a Heart Opening Stretch that alleviates lower back pain which can be common during pregnancy. She leans back into my back and focuses on deep breathing.

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