Saturday, February 6, 2010

Thank You Yogis!

Today after teaching my regular full day of classes at Bamboomoves, my lovely ladies (Margie & Maritza) of Bamboo brought me delicious Vegan Red Velvet Cake from H.I.M in the BX. This was an amazing Yummy treat especially after my 30 day fast. I took two bites and tasted heaven. After my 30 day fast, 2 bites was enough to remind me of the joy of tasty sweetness. Afterwards, Margie & Maritza made my mouth water for the Vegan Chocolate cake, so I made plans to venture to the H.I.M bakery in BX. We progressed into our Yogalaties class and sweat our core away. The Yogalaties class was full, wall to wall, and a recent petition for an additional weekly class tells me that the ladies love the class, despite the occasional groans and moans during the class. After Yogalaties class another two lovely yogis of Bamboomoves, (mother and daughter, Doris & Milta) brought me a gorgeous bouquet of yellow roses. So beautiful and sweet - a lovely belated birthday gift. Bamboomoves is truly an amazing Yoga Studio that is full of loving people who create the essence of community. Finally after class Michelle (my devoted 6:30am yoga student) & Sandy decided to head to the H.I.M bakery to explore all the other healthy items the store offers. After a day of Yoga, vegan chocolate cake is the only way too go! Thanks to Michelle, all three of us left with a Vegan Chocolate cake to enjoy, the name of the cake "death by chocolate" and they are not kidding! It was delicious!!!! So delicious, I placed an order to have a cake made for our "Heart Chakra/Valentines Yoga Workshop" which is next Saturday February 13th. Thank you again ladies (Margie, Maritza, Doris, Milta, Michelle, and Sandy) for bringing such joy, love and yumminess to my day. ~ Peace & hugs, Ambria

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