Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bamboomoves goes Cherry Picking

Every week the Yoga-laties groupies join together to moan, groan, sweat, sweat, and sweat some more with me. This class is a high energy class packed with yoga, pilates, Indian wrestler moves, football core work, JOKES, and much more! While the class is only 1 hour long, within a half an hour people feel like they have been there for at least 2 hours! Despite the fact that some of my regulars could not make it due to "a date", "need to sleep" and "the gorgeous weather", (which are not entirely justifiable excuses as it lacks collective consciousness, but I will let it slide LOL ) the room still had a good amount of folks ready to sweat out the core! This past Saturday we rocked out with Pearl Jam, Nickleback, Madonna, and had three new people in the class. I love new students because they enter with excitement and joy and leave with both, along with sweat! One punctual lovely lady, (who I later found out was the boss of a regular yogi at Bamboo), and two gentlemen (one regular "yoga" student and his buddy) who entered in a little bit late, who I quickly deflected the blame to in advance for the challenging class that we were about to progress into. I like to tease and rib the participants, deflect blame, and make jokes as often as possible in order to distract participants from the grueling workout that they are joyfully participating in. It is no secret that week by week, the class increases the challenges and works the muscles to screaming fatigue. The whole process is bliss and joy. While many participants refer to the class in a loving way, as "torture" and often call out for divine intervention by moaning "Oh My God" they return every week. Some may ask why they return, and the answer is simply, results! Most of the group has admitted to seeing physical changes in their bodies, and new found strength for their regular yoga practice! I admire their dedication, and it inspires me to come up with new fun variations, and new songs for our play list. One of our beloved exercises is "Cherry Pickers" which involves a variation on "Navasana" or boat pose. We imagine we have a gorgeous bushel on our backside, and cherries on our toes, then alternate hand to foot we go picking! This is usually done after doing a lot of other exercises, so the divine intervention "Oh my God" moans are generally echoing around. I love to encourage the faith building! Last Saturday, Our gorgeous April Yogi of the Month (Milta) stepped in just in time to capture the brilliant yogis "smiling" in the middle of "Cherry Picking"! Thank you Milta for getting the group in full smiles, mid pick with glistening sweating bodies! You Rock! I bumped into a few students two days later and the responses/gossip was "I felt it everywhere", "I couldn't walk up the stairs without feeling it in my butt", "You tortured us", "I couldn't take class on Sunday because I was too sore from your class", "the two new guys really felt it", "my boss took your class and said it really kicked her butt"! Your feedback is always appreciated! Thank you Michelle for treating me to the delicious Vegan Carrot Cake after class! You Rock! Two more Wednesdays will be covered by Wendy, and this Saturday will be Mary, as I am completing my Pilates certification. Love you all, See you soon!

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