Thursday, May 6, 2010

Monday Morning Office Yoga

For a few months now I have been teaching a lovely Monday morning group at 8 am at Wall Street. This class is usually taught by my friend and fellow yogini, Katie, who is currently assisting Swami Shivam in India with Teacher Training. I had the pleasure to work with these lovely folks before, and they maintain that it is a wonderful way to begin the work week. These office yogis look forward to their Monday morning yoga and demonstrate discipline and enthusiasm towards their yoga practice. We meet in a gray Board Room, and progress into a lovely Hatha Yoga practice. As it is Monday morning it is not extremely challenging, but as with most of my classes, participants leave slightly damp. With light music playing we deepen our practice, and settle our minds to face the work week with a brilliant sense of inner peace. While the size of the group fluctuates from week to week, we spent weeks working on Balance (Tree Pose) and Tripod Headstand. Both poses, I am thrilled to say were done with ease and collective consciousness towards this last week. As Katie is making her way back to the US, I will miss this lovely group! Thank you guys for making Monday morning so much fun! Your dedication displayed by coming to work early on a Monday morning (of all days) to practice yoga, is admirable. You all did so wonderful! Hope to share a yoga practice with you guys again some day. ~Peace & hugs, Ambria

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