Sunday, May 2, 2010


In the heart of Pellham Bay is the lovely Bamboomoves. This location has authentic Bronx energy (friendly & feisty all in one). Saturday was a record high day of heat in NYC, a sizzling 90 degrees. After teaching level 2, Kids, Level 1 yoga, I decided that I will not necessarily demonstrate everything in the Yoga-laties class. Because I had a meeting at 6:30 in the city, I was avoiding getting sweaty. While yoga-laties is the fun, sweaty class that promises to having you laughing, sweating, sighing, praying to God, and maybe even cursing me out under your breath all at the same time, it is usually always a packed house. The playlist I create, promises to be a collection of upbeat and high energy hits meant to drive us through these core inspired exercises. I do my best to tease and encourage participants to keep momentum. But this Saturday, I decided to just call out the exercises, again to avoid getting too sweaty. Well that lasted all of two lines in the fabulous Madonna song "Holiday".....special thanks to Dorris for calling me out, reminding me to get back into it, by jokingly asking "What about you?"! I LOVED IT!!!! It was clear everyone shared in the laugh. So much for me avoid the sweat. It was a highlight of the day for me....and has inspired an extra special yoga-laties class for Wednesday. See you all then! Special thanks to Carissa for giving me the packet of wet nap things, that I could cleanse myself off with. What a life saver!

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