Thursday, May 6, 2010

Taking Class at Nalini

Once upon a time while browsing in LuLuLemon, I saw a huge picture of a lovely Indian girl who from a far looked like my cousin. Of course I was so thrilled and confused, and then I read the small print name to discover it was not my cousin, but Rupa Metha. Rupa is the founder of the Nalini Method. I looked her up online and made a mental note that when I have a chance, I would like to take a class with her.

So this week, as luck would have it I had a break in my early schedule and decided to take a class. I ventured to the Upper West Side, where I had a yoga client soon after. I buzzed the buzzer and went up. It seemed like an odd location, and that is what I kept feeling. The door opens and I am face to face with a tiny, sleepy, pyjama clad Rupa. This explains the feeling I was having about the oddness of the location. We were both embarrassed, because I foolishly buzzed her apt instead of the studio next door. Did I mention it was embarrassing? What a wonderful way to introduce yourself to the instructor for the first time! She redirects me to the studio and the lovely receptionists sets me up.

A cushy mat, two sets of weights, two blocks and ankle weights. In walks Rupa, we both laugh about what had happened and she begins to instruct us to work our arms. My arms were burning! We progressed into thighs, buttock, core, and did seemingly a gazillion repetitions. Just when you think it is done, she calls out for 20 more. I felt like this was my Karma (pay back) for how I instruct the Yoga-laties class. I was amazed when we went to the ballet bar to do squats on our tip toes with a ball or a block between the thighs, because I looked down to see my thighs shaking as though they were in a blender. While this was a little out of my element to do work with weights it was an enjoyable experience. Rupa has a wonderful spirit and encourages every student individually to maintain momentum. The class combines Yoga, Ballet, Pilates, and weights. As Rupa trained with Lotte Berk, some people may recognize that influence in her class style. The Nalini Method is a great challenge for the mind and body because being present while your muscles are screaming is a profound experience. Thank you Rupa for making my experience at Nalini so enjoyable! ~Peace & hugs, Ambria

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