Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Yogi Yummy Cookies

Since many yogis are vegan or vegetarian and observing the principal of Ahimsa (non-harming), it is important to find veggie friendly snacks and eating places. I came across the most delicious cookie ever! It actually tastes too good to be healthy! The Alternative Baking Company Inc. makes absolutely delicious treats. No Dairy, No Eggs, No Trans fats, and agave nectar is the sweetness. While it is good to maintain healthy choices in our diet, we should never deprive ourselves. If you are a chocolate lover and want a cookie, go for the "Double Chocolate Decadence". This cookie is sooooo delicious, I have been using it as a gift for gratitude to the folks I want to show my love to. Nothing says love like a chocolate yummy cookie! As the package states, it is wonderfully addictive. This yummy cookie can be found at most health food stores like Whole Foods, Westerly, and Trader Joes.

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