Saturday, May 8, 2010


Wishing all the mothers everywhere a Happy Mothers Day. Today at Bamboomoves, after every yoga class we offered our OMMM for our loving mothers, and mothers everywhere. The precious gift that a mother is should be celebrated every moment! It has been seven years since my mother passed away, and while I miss her hugs, kisses, her yummy food, and of course everything else that made her the worlds greatest mom & my best friend.....I know her love is all around me and lives inside me. Initially it was difficult for me to accept that she was gone, and thanks to prayer, music, and my yoga practice, I dug myself out of grief and reminded myself, that while our precious time here in this journey is so short, it is full of memories that we can cherish forever. LOVE lives forever in our hearts. Happy Mothers Day Mommy!

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