Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Yogi Beans makes Yummy Mandalas

One of my favorite yogi bean groups to work with is on Friday, with Zane and Laura. These two kids have amazing energy, tremendous love for both yoga and all participants in the class, and they are both a joy to work with. While my every yogi bean class is special, this one is really really special. These two brilliant kids have special needs (down syndrome) and prove how beautiful yoga is to every child. I have watched as Zane has learned new words, and reacted to the music doing all the physical poses to the best of his ability. I have enjoyed watching Laura recount poses that she had done weeks prior. These two enjoy Toga so much! Laura will demonstrate how she can pick up more than three pom poms in her toes and Zane is grabbing the tiny ones every chance he gets. The lovely Laura is a teacher in training. This past week, she led us in a brilliant Sun Salutation and Zane decided we would create a mandala with food. His food of choice was "apple". While Zane is generally quiet, except to giggle at the songs he loves, and say a few choice words related to some of my yoga songs, it was so thrilling to hear him share "apple" for our mandala. So healthy and Yummy. This class is truly joyful! One the best things is to witness how involved the parents and baby sitters are with regard to encouraging the progress and even participating in the yoga! What a wonderful class to share in!

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