Wednesday, June 3, 2009

After Yoga Tea Time @ Namaste

After a lovely Yoga class at Namaste it is common to find some members of the class stay for a cup of tea. The tea is a signature Namaste blend of Lavender, Sage, Rose and other lovely herbs. After my last Open Level class that I taught, myself and a few students gathered for some tea and discussion. I was amazed to hear one of my students share a story where she incorporated Ujjayi breathing while under a stressful situation at work. She works at a high end Wine Bar in NYC, as a cook and admitted that the Ujjayi Breathing (pranayama) technique helped her to find a calm sense of peace.

Ujjayi Breathing is the act of expanding the diaphragm, allowing the breath to travel up the chakras, inhaling and exhaling through the nose, and making an audible ocean like sound on the exhale which is done by tightening the glottis. The breath is calming and brings balance to the body while also heating the body. This technique is common in Power Yoga or Ashtanga classes, and especially in transitions between intense poses in a regular Vinyasa Flow class. I was amazed to hear that this student incorporated this popular Pranayama (breathing) technique in her work atmosphere. Once again an example of Yoga at Work.

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