Friday, June 5, 2009

Super Soccer Star & Yogi Beans Boat Cruise 2009

An enchanting evening with my lovely girl friends from Yogi Beans, courtesy of the amazing crew at Super Soccer Stars.  We are on board a cruise ship sailing around the magical island of Manhattan.  The air is crisp, the view is breathtaking, and the atmosphere is lots of fun.  This was my first time on a cruise, so the initial rocking of the docked boat was something to get used to. Soon the boat began to move, and we took in the wonder of this brilliant city of New York.  The illuminated skyline, the decorated bridges, and even a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty from a distance.  We stayed around the upper part of the boat, outside, enjoying the breeze, and slowly  migrated down to the main floor.  Anxiously awaiting dinner we were entertained by a fantastic tap dancing duo (twin brothers) and a fabulous accordion player.  They were high energy and lots of fun to watch.  Finally dinner, the Yogi Bean ladies made a B line to the Buffet.  After the yummy food, we danced, laughed, shared some drinks, and danced, and danced, and danced some more.  It was a fun night with good times.  The Super Soccer Stars crew know how to party!  Thank you Gustavo & Sara of Super Soccer Stars and Lauren (Founder of Yogi Beans) for inviting us.  This was my first cruise and it was lots of fun.  The picture from left to right is Rachel, Sara, Debbie, Ambria and Lauren, we missed two of our other Yogi Bean instructors Meghan and Lindsay.  

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