Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bikram Yoga @ The Solstice 2009

The longest day of sunshine, Sunday June 21st, 2009, only today the sun hid behind many clouds and rain poured off and on.  It was still the Solstice.  Not only is today Fathers' Day (Happy Fathers' Day Daddy), it is also that time when Yogis gather in Times Square to do YOGA.  After teaching some morning Yoga classes, I decided to check it out.  There was a brilliant Sitar player playing, a sea of people carrying Yoga mat Bags.  I decided to join.  The session I signed up for was the afternoon Bikram class.  In the past my experience with Bikram Yoga was not so pleasant, but being that this was outdoors and not a hot day, I was ready to try Bikram Yoga again.  Our instructor stood at the front with Tiger mini shorts on and guided us through the poses.  In Bikram every pose is done twice except for the seated twist.  We were all given great goody bags which included a T-shirt and Yoga Mat.  It was a wonderful experience to practice Yoga with a large group of people in the heart of Manhattan.  With onlookers watching and taking photos, cars zooming by, and even a wedding party that decided to take photos behind us, this was an amazing experience of focus and inner peace.  This free event attracts a wide variety of participants and even draws in people new to yoga.  The energy was great!  The sun peaked through the clouds a few times and luckily it did not rain till I went home.  I hope to continue participate in the Solstice and maybe next year teach one of the classes.

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