Thursday, June 18, 2009

Yogi Beans At Pure Yoga

New York city was faced with a monsoon rain, and today I was faced with the challenge of commuting all over the city.  With 2 Yoga classes, a Private Body Work session, and finally a Yogi Beans class at Pure Yoga.

So as my fabulous day trickles down,  I arrive at Pure Yoga on the East Side of Manhattan completely wet from the rain.  The entrance alone invites you into another world of tranquility.  It is the Mega Dream Yoga studio of NYC.  I am guided downstairs and meet my students.  We begin our class.  We Om, we breathe, we salute the sun, we stretch, we go on a Yoga Adventure, I read a Yoga Story, We sing, and finally we do Mandalas.  Mandalas are beautiful geometric diagrams that kids can color and are very meditative.

My amazing student Chester colored his Mandala and presented it to me with "For Ambria, Love Chester" written on top.  He told me he wants me to keep it so I remember him forever and ever.  AND I WILL!!! How sweet!!!  He also told me that there is an Island in the Caribbean called "Ambrialand" and that I am the President.  Loving that idea!!! Wow, teaching Kids Yoga definitely makes commuting in the rain worth every drop.  

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