Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Great Summer Read - The Snow Leopard, By Peter Matthiessen

 Riding on the subway between Yoga sessions, allows for great time to read.  Recently, a good friend lent me an amazing book called "The Snow Leopard".  The vivid account of adventurer Peter Matthiessen and his zoologist friend George Schaller on their search to find the rare Snow Leopard in the crystal region of the Himalayan mountains is an amazing account.  The journey takes the reader into the beautiful scenery of the high desert regions of Nepal and deep into the heart and soul of the characters.  With a Zen backdrop, the story leads the reader into a sense of self discovery, especially with the importance of living in the moment.  

A profound use of imagery draws the reader deep into the journey.  The expedition in this book paints a lyrical and poetic narrative which leaves you eager to turn the page and catch a glimpse of this rare Snow Leopard.  The author takes you into the trials and pleasures of his travels.  You feel as though you are trekking beside him, feeling the snow crunching under foot, withstanding the challenges of blistering sun, witnessing the beauty of the surrounding exotic animals and meeting with the local people in this lonely mystical region of Nepal.  This book is a breathtaking account of an adventure that is both spiritual and physical.  I enjoyed this book so much, and would recommend it to everyone.  This is a classic book that you will love to read again and again.

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