Thursday, June 18, 2009

Jivamukti Yoga with Alanna @ Pure Yoga

After a long time of practicing Yoga on my own, I revisited the classroom and took a Jivamukti Yoga class with Alanna @ Pure Yoga.  My body has been tight from my personal Yoga practice but my heart was aching for a group class.

I enter in the classroom, the mats are spread out, with fresh towels and blocks.  Alanna enters in with her guitar and has an assistant Danna to help students get into the pose.  We begin class chanting "Om Nama Shivaya", and slowly Alanna starts to play her guitar.  Her voice cascades over all of us like a trickling water fall.  As with all Jivamukti classes, each month there is a set theme that all teachers use.  The theme for this month is addiction.  She guides us into Child's Pose and every student has the aromatic Jivamukti China Gel rubbed into the sacral area.

The class is an amazing Vinyasa class.  We go through a fantastic flow with Sun Salutations, twists, trees, and more.  We are taught to jump through to sit, prepare for headstand, breath in pigeon pose, and enjoy the workout that Yoga provides.  The assists that Alanna and Danna provide are brilliant.  We sweat, we smile, we stretch, and we slowly compile into Savasana.  

The part I loved about this class so much was the Savasana.  The lights are off, our bodies melt into the mat and Alanna revisits her guitar.  She sings a gorgeous song that carries us into this relaxation pose.  While Jivamukti is known for its approach to chanting, Alanna brought such a warmth to her chants and assists.  I recommend a Jivamukti class with Alanna anytime.  For more information about Jivamukti style Yoga classes visit:

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