Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Crystals & Stick Stone & Bone

For years I have been fascinated by crystals, loving the beauty, the energy, the relation to chakras and the wonder in Gods gems. Like many people I have ventured to various places to view and purchase crystals like Rockstar, Namaste, Angel in Union Square & of course Stick Stone and Bone. Stick Stone and Bones is by far my favorite place to go, and to purchase pieces. They have incredibly unique pieces, staff that is well versed in Geology and Gems, and the vibration in that store is absolutely incredible. If you are looking for the perfect gift for someone who is interested in Holistic Wellness, Stick Stone & Bone is the place to go.

Since doing my Reiki Master Training and Crystal Healing Training, I have experienced a deeper sense of Clairaudience. For me in teaching Yoga, doing Reiki & Shiatsu, Clairaudience has come in handy, as it is an amazing tool that provides extra sensory-perception and helps you follow the natural flow of vibration. Being around Crystals in Stick Stone & Bone is now an even more awesome experience. Whether it's crystals, Jewelry, Incense, Candles, Sage, Books, Gifts for you or a loved on, or just a nice trip to an amazing store, you want to venture to Stick Stone and Bone. You will experience a lovely energy, and you will learn a lot if you ask questions to the amazing Staff!

Photo: Me (Ambria) at Stick Stone and Bone holding a Celestite Cluster.

  • A beautiful light Blue toned Crystal
  • activating upper chakras and the angel realm.
  • Generally used in Reiki Attunements,
  • balances Male & Female energies.
  • Activates intuition
  • Promotes positive communication
  • As an elixir it can help the digestive system

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  1. Check out ROCK STAR CRYSTALS, maybe the only Gemstone Metaphysical Shop in New York City. They specialize in ONLY Crystals and Minerals and items cut from Gemstones, so there is a wider selection than you can find almost anywhere. You can call them at 212 675 3065 or go to www.rockstarcrystalsmanhattan.com Their store is Manhattan is open every day of the week.