Monday, July 18, 2011

Yoga Jewelry for your FEET

My last post on Yoga Jewelry highlighted the incredible talents of up & coming Jewelry designer Milta. This post highlights the incredible talents of her aunt, Isabel. Beauty and Talents run deep in this family. Isabel is a lovely, amazing fellow aquarian lady, with a beautiful heart, and a lot of creativity. She played a major part in helping the healing process of my broken toe this year, and gratitude is constantly flowing in my heart for her. She recently made me beautiful, delicate crochet "shoeless sandals", that have Tigers Eye on them too!.....ok so let's all say WOW!!! When I saw them, it was amazingly thoughtful, super creative, and really beautiful!!! I had been meaning to wear them for a long time, and this Saturday I rocked the lovely shoeless sandals! Everyone enjoyed the Yoga Studio Debut of the Shoeless Sandals.

In India it is not uncommon to see women wearing Jewelry on their feet, silver or Gold anklets (sometimes with tiny bells), toe rings, amd various other Jewerly specifically used for Indian Classical Dance. For the fashionable Yogini, the Shoeless sandal looks like it will be the way to go!!! Thank you Gonzales Ladies for keeping me looking stylish!!! Love you lovely ladies!

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