Saturday, July 30, 2011

Yoga with Magi again!

For a whole week I was waiting to be in this amazing lady's yoga class again. Her name is Magi Pierce, and she is truly an incredible Yoga Instructor who will inspire many people. After teaching the Central Park Class, I headed over to Life In Motion on the Upper West Side to take Magi's class. Since I teach a lot on the Upper West Side, I know that summer time is usually not a busy time for Yoga, as many people head to the Hamptons and other vacation spots. Well as the attendance seems to be booming in Magi's class, it looks like people are taking their vacations with Magi, myself included. She led us through a wonderful class. I went into class feeling slightly under the weather, and hoping that a good sweat would cure me, I did get a good sweat and left feeling grateful that I attended. Magi has a very purposeful Yoga Asana Sequence that is carefully crafted with dynamic flows, holding of postures with pranic awareness, poetic conscious verbal cues, and the hands on adjustments that I could compare to a Renaissance Sculptor. She truly crafts the class from beginning to end. Thank you Magi for yet another amazing morning class! You are an inspiration to many people, including myself.

Maggie is giving an incredible Inversion Workshop this Saturday July 30th at Life in Motion, go and play with her, learn and fly with her, you will be glad you did!

Photo: The Magnificent Magi Pierce & Ambria @ Life in Motion

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