Friday, July 15, 2011

Saucha - Purity

The Niyamas are about self regulation, and us creating the most productive environment in which to grow closer to God. When we practice the five Yamas - non violence, truthfulness, non stealing, control of the sensual drive and non-greed, we achieve Saucha. Saucha is cleanliness, purity of our body, heart, mind and surroundings. Do we keep our energy clear, our surroundings clutter free, do we keep our body clean, and most important do we keep out thoughts clean? Sometimes we get caught up in doing the Yoga Asana, and forget about the other Limbs of the 8 Limbed Practice. We forget the purpose behind the practice is to get closer to God, to achieve Samadhi. I realized this the other day, when something stained my clothes, and I quickly changed clothes, because my daddy used to always say to wear clean clothes, not fancy but clean, and this is a way of practicing Saucha. More than practicing Saucha externally with clean clothes etc, lets focus on the inside, keeping our hearts pure. A clutter free heart, free of hatred, jealousy, greed, envy, grudge is a productive, compassionate, loving and Yogic heart. Sometimes situations in life, challenge our ability to love, challenge the balance in our heart chakra, it is up to us to heal that.

For me, I choose to pray, and ask God to heal the situation, and the person who wronged me, not just so they can be blessed, but more so my heart can find freedom. It is not necessary to carry too much baggage on our journey, it's best to travel light. Also, apologizing or accepting an apology is always a nice thing too. Use discernment always, meaning, if someone apologizes and repeatedly does the same thing, the apology has very little sincerity, and you have the right to disasociate yourself with the individual or situation, as long as you do this without grudge. No one said Saucha was easy, that is why life is full of lessons.

You may have heard the saying "Love your Enemies and pray for those who persecute you" Jesus or...
"Hate the sin, not the sinner" ~ Gandhi.

A sages prayer from one of the sacred Verses of the Upanishad:

Oh Lord,
May my body become pure.
May I be free from umpurity.
May I know myself as Divine Light.

Oh Lord,
May my mind become pure.
May my self become pure.
May I know myself as Divine Light.

Oh Lord,
May I realize You with my purified understanding.
May I realize the highest bliss with my purified understanding.
May I realize You who are the highest bliss with my purified understanding

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