Sunday, July 24, 2011

Yoga with Magi

One of my amazing Yoga students Joseph, has been telling me to take a class with a brilliant Yoga Instructor, Magi. Magi, a native Bostonian, teaches at Life in Motion Yoga studio, and she gives a remarkable class. Life in Motion offers Yoga, Spin Class and a lot more! Since I teach a lot on the Upper West Side, I am familiar with the studio, but never had a chance to take a class. Last week, a friend/yoga instructor Sarah joined me for an amazing class. I enter into the street side door, and climb the stairs. Soon enough a lovely young lady enters and sits on the steps with me, and I asked her about the class, ironically she said that she is the Instructor. We spoke briefly and I told her that Joseph told me about her class. She was so kind and sweet. Soon Sarah walked, we hugged and situated our mats towards the back of class. Magi brought our bodies through such a beautiful anatomically cued vinyasa flow. With a lot of emphasis on alignment, and incredibly challenging yet poetic sequencing that leaves the body feeling amazing! The reason I say that Magi has a poetic sequence, is because the rhythm of the class is something indescribable as she manages to balance the body, challenge the body, take you on a journey, throw in unique tweaks to poses that appear like poetic metaphors, and leave you in a sweaty state of bliss with an occasional joke. She studied with the ever famous, Anna Forrest and another teacher in Boston who she credits as her alignment/anatomy inspiration. Magi does not really teach with esoteric and spiritual aspects of the practice, but more of a concrete anatomical depiction of the asana, and I really loved it! While both Sarah and I were so tempted (and I mean really tempted) to sign up for the discounted membership, my journey is taking me to new horizons these days, so I decided I would pay as I go, should I have the time for an incredible class with this teacher extraordinaire. I have to say that when two Yoga Teachers leave a studio anxious to come back for the teachers class, and tempted to sign up, based off of one experience, that Instructor is truly remarkable! Thank you Magi for being a true inspiration, you are a blessing to the Yoga community in New York City.
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