Friday, July 29, 2011

Yoga in Central Park - The beauty of Nature

Recently, I was asked to sub a lovely yoga class in Central Park for my friend/fellow Yogi Agustin. The group is normally around 7 people, a small intimate group that meets in Strawberry Fields. I woke up with a slight fever, and feeling under the weather, but I knew It was too late to call out of the class, so I headed down to the beautiful Central Park. I wish I had known about this spot beautiful before, because my other times teaching in the park were curbside with bikers, runners, dog walkers, gawkers, and once a dog that came right to my Yoga Mat as I was teaching trying to invite me to play, while those experiences were still amazing, this time it was serene. Four Ladies showed up, and we waited a while to see if anyone else would come, and slowly I was led to their "Spot". It was truly gorgeous! An amazing hideaway surrounded by beauty! Soft lush green dewy grass, brilliant trees around, the sounds of sweet birds, the sounds of silence, and subtle rays of sunlight that peaked through the trees. It was really a magnificent site. We laid out our mats and progressed into a semi Gentle Yoga Flow, embracing the concept of connection to the Universe, letting go, and embracing gratitude. My dear friend and soon to be Yoga Instructor, Joseph, came along to do adjustments. Like in any Yoga Class, we joyfully learned the most difficult part is awareness of your right from your left. We smiled and embraced our inner Goddess amidst the beauty of Mother Nature. We felt the connection to the earth in possibly the most incredible Tree Pose ever, and had a lovely time. The experience only further reminded me how I wish to teach Yoga outdoors more often. Thank you Agustin for inviting me to sub, Thank you lovely ladies for sharing your yoga practice with me, it was such a blessing to share that collective energy with you all, and thank you Joseph for your beautiful adjustments. That class made my fever lessen, and made me feel much better. It was the start of an amazing day!!! For those who have not experience Yoga with the Sun above and the earth below, go roll out your mat on a beach, at a park or in your back yard, after one sun salutation you will feel amazing!!! ~ Namaste

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