Sunday, July 24, 2011

Yoga Inversion Workshop with Amitai

Today my student & Karate Sensei Joseph embarked on the "Inversion Workshop" requirement for his Teacher Training. For those who don't know, Joseph isKung Fu & Karate Black Belt, A Reiki Master, A Crystal Healer, an ordained Minister, and an amazing friend. While my friend and fellow Yoga Instructor Agustin was set to teach the class, he sent his friend Amitai instead. Both Amitai and Agustin are remarkable Dharma Yogi's. I have taken many classes with Amitai at Dharma East, and he truly has a remarkable gift for teaching, and a humble energy that one can only attain with sincere devotion to the practice of Yoga, and their Guru. The class was at the Reebok Sports Club in the Harmony by Karate Dojo. Amitai entered and introduced himself to Joseph. After a very challenging yet beautiful weekend, I was excited to deepen my asana practice too. Even though many people think my asana practice is strong, I personally think it could be stronger, and never hesitate to share that, and continue to take classes to learn and grow. After our Om, Amitai began with beautiful guided meditation/pranayama using the chakras & alternate nostril breathing which is a common exercise Sri Dharma does after Master Class. We progressed into Bandhas, Surya Namaskar and then straight into inversions. Amitai gives amazing verbal cues, and assists in ways that make you feel like you can do everything upside down. He lead us through many variations of forearm balance, hand standing, and scorpion with highlighting the importance of how the prana flows, the importance of bandhas, the proper alignment of our body, and it was super fun!!! It goes without saying that Amitai's demonstration of poses are inspirational, and more than once Joseph and I turned to each other with a full "OMG" expression on our face after Amitai would effortlessly demonstrate!!! Thank you Amitai for an incredible experience. Thank you Joseph, it was so amazing to alternate forearm standing variations with you.

Photo: 1) Joseph working into Scorpion 2) Ambria, Amitai & Joseph

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