Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Two AMAZING Days with Sri Dharma

Recently I participated in two days, back to back with Sri Dharma Mittra at the Dharma Yoga Center. Sri Dharma is a blessing to the city of New York, and especially to Yoga Instructors. As thursday is usually my day to go, my summer schedule has blessed me with a little more flexibility that allows me to take amazing classes! His class is remarkably challenging, inspirational and healing. While I have written many posts about Sri Dharma, it is because he is my favorite Instructor, and the favorite to many. From my Inversion Workshop on Sunday, to teaching 2 classes and taking 2 classes on Monday (one with Dharma), and then last night with Sri Dharma again, my body was a little sore.....but Dharma goes into the fullest expression of the pose with ease, grace, smiles and a sense of humour, as though his body has no tension at all. It is AMAZING!!! At the end of Monday nights class, my body was shaking with joy and we laid down in Savasana, Dharma said one person is laying the wrong way.....I looked up and noticed it was me, and Dharma had a sweet jovial smile on his face and hands on his hips....I quickly adjusted myself & smiled back at him. After class he gave a wonderful talk on the Bhagavad Gita and pranayama. The way he ties in the Spiritual aspect of the practice to daily life is so amazing, and he lives it too! It is always lovely to meet friends and fellow Yoga Instructors in class as well.

During Savasana last night, Dharma came around and shook my legs and arms, any tension was gone, and I felt like I could sleep for days. After last nights class, my friend and I were speaking about how wonderful class was, and I said to my friend that Dharma's picture is on my altar, right next to Jesus, we both giggled, but she knew that it was true (it really is). He really is an incredible Teacher!

If this is what 72 years young looks like, everyone should practice yoga. I love how Dharma emphasizes the importance and aspect of vegetarianism as it relates to the Yoga Practice. Many times you will hear him say "without Yamas & Niyamas there is no yoga". He embodies Yoga in every way, and regardless of your level of ability, you can benefit from hearing his wise words, participating in his guided meditations & pranayama, experiencing the brilliant energy of the class, and witnessing inspirational Yogis as they practice with respect and reverence for their Guru. When you don't try to do the asana, he will encourage you to try, and advise you to not act like an old person (so fun)! While he has earned the title of "The teachers teacher", it is advised that everyone take the advantage of taking a class with this amazing Teacher. Sadly, I may be leaving NYC for a short while, and I must admit, I will miss Sri Dharma's classes very much! Thank you Sri Dharma for inspiring me, deepening my practice, inspiring my students, and teaching many people the beauty of are a blessing to my life.

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