Monday, July 25, 2011

Yoga class at Equinox

Today after teaching two morning classes, I was invited to join a friend/student, Al at Equinox for a Yoga Class. Equinox is a popular gym that offers some group fitness classes too. I was told that this teacher gives a wonderful class, and that I should check it out. While many people think that the vibe in a mega chain gym cannot provide the Spirituality of a small Yoga Studio, I have to disagree. While it is true that often times we will find an Instructor that resonates with us, or a preferred studio, this all happens when we are receptive ourselves, as Sri Dharma says. The spirituality of the practice comes only when we are open to that aspect, also when the teacher provides guidance towards that, and ultimately, once we acknowledge God is everywhere, we see past all our preferences and focus on the practice. Along with that, many times the asana aspect of the practice takes preference for some, especially in a city like New York, where people want a lunch time break. The Yoga Asana is is a beautiful way to detoxify the body, increase strength, improve flexibility, oxygenate the blood, balance the subtle body, and recover from injuries.

So I arrive at the gym, sign in as a guest and head to the Yoga Studio. The room is dimly lit, with hard wood floors, mirrors on one side and windows on the other. I decide to sit myself down and read my nook while I wait for the room to clear. Apparently, I was a half hour early, so I got in some good reading. I lay my mat out, and ask another student if we are supposed to face the mirrors. She says yes, so I wait, and stretch. In walks my friend, and the teacher is setting up his Ipod. The Instructors name is Jeremy Jai Fahey. My arms were a little tender from the Inversion Workshop of the previous day, but I was happy to participate. Slowly the room began to fill, and I was told that it usually gets even more crowded. With light instrumental music and hardly a murmur of the gym sounds outside we began class. Jeremy led us through a lovely Level 2 Vinyasa Flow Class, with a lot of awareness to the energetic body. Somehow, I knew that he did some other form of body work by the way he would cue the asana. The flow was fluid and fun. Much of his flow was preparing our bodies for Crow Pose. I truly loved how Jeremy led us into Crow, with awareness of Bandhas, lifting of hips, and squeezing of arms with the knees. He actually had us work with the alignment and form of the pose in various ways, including on our backs, before he even got us into Crow. It was really wonderful to explore the pose like that. After class, I thanked Jeremy for his beautiful class, and asked him where he trained, and he explained how much of his training was in body work. It made so much sense. Thank you Jeremey for providing a lovely class, with energetic sequencing, and purpose driven asana.

Photo: Ambria & Jeremy Jai Fahey


  1. hey ambria
    it was a pleasure meeting you. hope you can join again sometime. have a safe and wonderful trip.
    your blog is very nice, i look forward to following your adventures.

    much peace

  2. Thanks Jeremy, Your class was really refreshing. All the best on your yoga journey! Perhaps one day I will take your class again.
    Peace & hugs,