Monday, August 1, 2011

Crystal Healing

Many ladies from a wonderful studio in the BX, Excel Yoga, opened their hearts to the world of Crystal Healing. The workshop series was taught by the amazing Mary Henry, who also taught myself and my friend Joseph. We learned about the energy of the crystals, how they work with chakras, with healing, with grids and much more. Mary is an incredible wealth of knowledge and an overall amazing woman. Recently I had the chance to meet with one of Mary's teachers, "The Rock Whisperer", Krista Mitchell. Krista was part of a number of panelists at a Healing Arts Expo held in Brooklyn this weekend. It was amazing to meet her and hear her talk. Her passion for Stones, Crystals and connection to Universe is really beautiful. As she says herself, being a Leo, she loves the sound of her own voice, but everyone else did as well, since she really knows what she is talking about. Krista brought a variety of stones to display and sell. She also teaches Reiki & Crystal Healing. Thank you Krista for an amazing event! You ROCK (no pun intended)!

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