Friday, August 5, 2011

Sri Dharma Mittra

The most amazing Yoga Instructor, Sri Dharma Mittra has inspired my life and the lives of many other Yoga enthusiasts in NYC and all over the world. Yesterday at Master Class, my body was tired and he gave the most challenging class I ever encountered.....IT WAS AMAZING!! At one point he came to adjust me in the fourth round of Vasisthasana (Side Plank)....and my arm was ready to collapse from fatigue. While the asana sequence can be challenging....the part I love about Master Class is that it is truly a Divine experience. Some of my friends say it is like visiting God, because Dharma encourages us to surrender & be receptive to the Grace of God throughout the class. You can go to the class and whatever you are going through, he will speak of in his words, teach through the asana, challenge you, inspire you and bring you to a healing experience. He is 72 years young, and an inspiration to everyone to take up the Yoga Practice. I have been soaking up as many Yoga Classes this week with Sri Dharma as I could because he is really that amazing! Myself and many of my fellow Yoga Instructors take his class as often as possible....because he is the best! After class we had our psychic development with pranayama exercises that awaken the energy in our nadi channels, purify and stimulate the pituitary gland, and leave you feeling like you can soar in the sky. I thanked Sri Dharma for being such a huge impact on my Yoga journey & was grateful to have a picture with this Amazing teacher.

Photo: Sri Dharma Mittra & Ambria

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