Thursday, August 11, 2011

Kids Yoga - One of my greatest Joys

One of my biggest joys of my Yoga journey, is teaching to kids. For me yoga was first introduced to me by my mom, and while it was fun and silly time, I enjoyed it! Kids in so many ways have the yoga practice that should inspire all adults. They have no ego. It is about having fun, supporting each other, learning to breathe deep, singing and having FUN! When I was teaching grade 1 & 4 in the Public School system, I used Yoga to help calm down the energy, and also to have students aware of their body-mind connection. It was a great tool for fourth graders before State Testing time. Since then I have been blessed to go on to teach and share Kids Yoga with Little flower, Yogi Beans, Bamboomoves, Harmony By Karate, and soon Karma Kids. A huge passion of mine has been to bring Yoga to children with special needs. Working with kids on various areas of the Autistic Spectrum, with Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, ADHD, Sensory Integration and even Williams Syndrome....thank you Yogi Beans for giving me such cherished opportunities! Regardless of what level of learning a child is at, they all relate to yoga. They love to move their bodies, love to chant, love the breathing, and they love to show adults how to have fun with the practice. Falling out of Tree pose is so much more Joyful after years working with Kids Yoga. Whether it's working with Girl Scouts, at a Yoga Studio, at the Rebecca School or in an after school Program, Kids yoga is an AMAZING experience! A recent Yoga Journal Post was brought to my attention highlighting the top 5 reasons Yoga should be in schools:
  1. To manage Stress
  2. To beat obesity
  3. To maintain focus
  4. Resistance to bullying
  5. To improve behavior overall
While I am grateful for all the opportunities, I wanted to take a minute to highlight some of the companies that are really making the movement of Kids Yoga have an enormous and beautiful impact on the community (in no specific order):

  1. Yogi Beans - An Awesome Kids Yoga Experience. Lauren loves the kids! -AMAZING!
  2. Karma Kids - The first Yoga Studio for Kids in NYC- Shari loves the kids! - AMAZING!
  3. Little Flower - Jennifer gives AMAZING workshops and programs! AMAZING
  4. Radiant Child - Shakta's song Fly Like A Butterfly is AMAZING!
  5. Bent on Learning - Working with Inner City Schools - AMAZING!
  6. Sonia Sumar - She trains Teachers to work with Children with Special Needs AMAZING!
  7. Itsy Bitsy Yoga - the name says it all - AMAZING!
It is important for us to spread the awareness of this amazing practice, and share in the quest to bring Mind-Body-Peace to all. In my experience, teaching Kids Yoga has showed me who my greatest teachers are.....Kids! Thank you to all the kids who practice with me....Love you all!

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