Monday, August 1, 2011

Everything is Perfect - Sri Dharma Mittra

In the evening Meditation class with Sri Dharma Mittra he read from the Self Realization book. He went on to discuss the Kosha's, the importance of understanding Karma, Non- Attachement, and much more. One key phrase he said stood out to me...."Everything is Perfect".....meaning every situation is a result of Karmic patterns or obligations, and therefore it is perfect. This concept inspires us to accept situations in our lives and surrender to the Portion of God within our heart. If we all embraced the concept "everything is perfect" we would be so calm is something he pointed out. Happiness, Gratitude, Acceptance, Love, Compassion & forgiveness all stem from the ability to accept the fact that everything is perfect.

Sometimes in our lives everything is not perfect, at least that is how we perceive it. We may have been abused, disrespected, suffered grief, bullied, falsely accused, or even just suffering from our own sadness or illness.....Can we come to acceptance that everything is perfect? Can we be non-attached to the outcome? Can we be non attached to the situation? This deep concept is yet another reason why Yoga is a may take time to have that self-realization. As we develop our Body with the ability to let go & surrender into challenging asana, without the ego as judge over the result, perhaps we can do the same with our Mind that is constantly running over scenarios, pointing fingers, leaning towards apathy and instead accept that "everything is perfect". When we accept that "everything is perfect" we do not look for fame, we do not lean to blame, we look and lean to God. When we embrace the concept "everything is perfect", we are calm, content, and more than likely practicing the Yamas & Niyamas. With dedicated practice and being receptive, anything is possible. Thank you again Sri Dharma for an amazing class!!! You have been a perfect part of my Yoga Journey while here in NYC.

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  1. A person’s illness is perfect, I see the value of this and I do, agree that every thing happens for a reason, and that we must practice non-attachment. We must never point fingers and blame others for our shortcomings’.
    When a person is in chronic and at times acute pain whether it is physical or emotional .how does the yogi suggest they deliver themselves from the pain?
    I know in the Asana practice of yoga we embrace he pain and focus on breath and go beyond the pain. “Repeat the scenarios” I think when we talk about chronic disease or conditions we have to be delicate about this. ‘Are they repeating the scenarios?
    I will go to tonight’s lecture on anxiety and depression that we be held tonight. For me my recourses have not been working and do often find my pain spiraling, even with the employment of many professionals who have actually caused my pain to become worst with certain medical intervention
    Thank you for this post