Friday, August 5, 2011

My Yoga Sista - Carissa

I have posted about this lovely lady before.....She is my Yoga Sista. When I began my journey at an amazing Yoga Studio in the Bronx, formerly called Bamboomoves and now Excel Yoga.....I met this lovely fairy like princess. With wild curly hair, a spunky personality, and energy that matched mine and sometimes trumped it.....I knew she was my Yoga Sister. I felt like I knew her before. We spent almost two years as Lead Teachers at this beautiful location. We laughed, taught classes, took each others classes, laughed and laughed some more! On my last day in the Bronx, she came for class and it was beautiful to have her there. This girl gives an amazing Yoga class, Zumba Class, Rebounding Class, and she is a remarkable dancer & actress. On many levels we felt a strong connection towards each other. Her yoga classes bring spirituality, peace, sweat and incredible anatomical discoveries for every participant. Her heart is pure and loving. She is the real deal. As an actress any time I watch her perform, I and everyone watching are truly moved. Recently, I watched her in a play that was all in Spanish.....I understood nothing......but I understood everything.....because the acting was just sooo superb. Since most people are used to seeing us in Yoga Clothes, with sweaty wild hair, and big smiles....On our recent outing to support a beautiful student on her opening night in her play....we snapped a picture in dresses.....a rare occasion that should be shared. I had been telling her of one of my little Yoga hideaways for over a year....I place I wanted to practice with her.....with another of my favorite teachers, Isaac.....and ironically we discovered that she found her way to that studio too. I am not surprised that both of us had the same experience towards this teacher and studio.....and both agree that we would be honored to just sweep the floor there. If you get a chance to take a class with this amazing lady Carissa....DO will be elated! If you get a chance to watch her perform on stage or film....DO will be watching a soon to be famous actress!

Picture: Ambria & Carissa

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