Sunday, August 7, 2011

Yoga with Sarah @ Infinite Yoga

After embracing the Yoga practice for quite some time, a lovely lady named Sarah embarked on Yoga Teacher Training last year. She did her training with Bamboomoves, and I was happy to be on board to help teach the amazing group of Yogis. She has been a dancer since the age of three, so to watch her flow through her asana practice with grace & fluidity is really breath taking. Her body is strong, her spirit is angelic, and she is a fellow Aquarian. I love this lady! During her training, she was reluctant to do "Hands on Adjustments", so at the end when they climbed a giant mountain, I flipped back into wheel and told her catch me/spot me to prevent my breaking my brains all over the mountain top....that was really how I explained it! It was really fun to challenge her, because I knew she could do it....and she did! Sarah has gone on to be an Incredible Yoga Instructor. This year when I broke my toe, I had the honor to take her class, and she was so attentive to every student with adjustments, kindness and a challenging flow that left our bodies feeling fantastic. Sarah's ability to demonstrate poses is awe inspiring as her dancers body is able to do pretty much everything! She is a huge heart! This year after taking an awesome class together at Life in Motion, we had a wonderful lunch at Zen Palette (a Yummy Veggie Restaurant).

It is important for Yoga Instructors to support & encourage each other, to listen and grow together, as we are all on the same mission of helping transform peoples lives. Having the humility to be a student & having the awareness that every experience is a valuable learning experience, is what makes a great teacher. While I have been blessed to have the Yoga Practice with me for years as part of my culture, I still take classes with newly certified teachers, with gentle Yoga Instructors and Master Teachers, looking past their experience, and seeing them as a facilitator of an experience whereby I can surrender to something Divine. All teachers may make mistakes, butcher the sanskrit, play music too loud, they may even have tremendous arrogance with primary focus only on how remarkable their ASANA practice is, but to be able to see past that & look towards the actual practice, is how we learn to be humble and yogic. The minute your ego tells you that your practice has exceeded one of your teachers, instead of having gratitude and appreciation, you should perhaps go back to the start of your Yoga Sutras and reevaluate your Ahamkaram (ego).

Thank you Sarah for being an incredible friend and fellow Yogini. While you were my student, you have also been my teacher, and I am grateful for this. Sarah teaches at a beautiful studio in Larchmont, New York called "Infinite Yoga Center", for those of you in the area, she is the lady you want to learn from.

Photo: 1) Ambria & Sarah @ Zen Palatte
2) Sarah Spotting me as I drop back to Wheel on the top of a giant Montain.

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