Sunday, August 7, 2011

Yoga at Governor's Island

This weekend hoards of Yoga enthusiasts brought their yoga mats to the grassy area of Governor's Island. With an Ocean of Yogis taking a variety of FREE Yoga classes with Sri Dharma Mittra, Dana from Laughing Lotus, and ACRO Yoga with the incredible Matt was an amazing site to see. There were some Hari Krishna folks chanting and giving out yummy food, and onlookers who just went to meet other friendly faces. After taking class with Elena Brower, I headed over to the Island to participate in the lovely Yoga event. Initially I was sad because I thought I would miss next weeks Sri Dharma event, but my Dharma Yogi friends told me that there is yoga on that Island this Weekend too. I figured if anything I can be like a tourist and enjoy the Island. It is so beautiful to see how thousands of New Yorkers have embraced the Yoga Practice as part of their daily routine for health and wellness. Next weekend Saturday August 14th, Sri Dharma will be there again at Governor' Island for FREE Yoga from 10-4. Awesome events, Yoga with Heaven above and mother nature all around.....It can't get much better.

Photo: The Ocean of Yogis leaving after an amazing class with Sri Dharma on Governor's Island

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