Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Zoga Yoga Graduation - with the Amazing Joseph

While the teacher trainees in the Bronx celebrated at the beautiful Bhavani Mandir, Sensei Joseph had his graduation ceremony earlier in the week @ The Harmony By Karate Dojo where much of his training took place. Sensei Joseph is an amazing person & beloved friend. He is a Kung Fu and Karate Black Belt/Instructor, a Reiki Master, a Crystal Healer, A Talented Dancer, an Ordained Minister, an AMAZING Friend and now a 200 Hr Yoga Alliance Recognized Yoga Instructor, through ZOGA YOGA. While the list of achievements is probably longer, Joseph is possibly one of the most humble people I know. Just before his Teacher Training journey, together He & I did Reiki Master Training & Master Crystal Healing Training together, with the amazing Mary of Mukti Healing. When training began, Joseph spent weeks in intense training, learning Yoga Asana, Pranayama, The Koshas, The Sutras, The Bhagavad Gita, Ayurveda & Doshas types, Meditation, Asana Adjustments, Sequencing, Oneness Blessing, Mantras, Traditional Surya Namaskar and various other deep spiritual aspects of the Eight Limbed practice we call Yoga. He also had the privilage to learn Inversions with a wonderful Dharma Yogi/friend Amitai & ACRO Yoga on his last day, with a lovely Dharma Yogi/Friend, Agustin. As part of his program he will take Master Class with Sri Dharma. Ironically, Joseph, Sensei Joseph has been one of my Karate Instructors, and as a Sensei has literally flipped me over his head in class (at the speed of light), and challenged me in ways that have saved my life.....So I made sure to give him a dose of the ASANA Challenge at times. We had such fun exploring poses, advanced Sequencing, Gentle Sequencing and more ADVANCED Sequencing....It was fun!!! The look on Joseph's face when I would guide him through some sequences and demonstrate to encourage him to play was priceless. Soon he was very eager to play and explore the Yoga Asana with Advanced Variations, Adjustments, Mantras, and special Pranayama. Joseph has taught me so much and I am so honored to have been part of his Yoga Journey. I know he will go on to transform lives and bring people closer to God, as he himself is truly receptive to that portion of God in his heart. As most people know, I am blessed to teach Yoga full time, every day, nearly all day....and in my temporary absence from NYC, I am happy to leave some of my private students under the Instruction & care of Joseph, because he is AMAZING!

The teacher training experience is a remarkable chance for self discovery and deepening of the Yoga Practice. It is a chance to heal, grow, learn and find God. Whatever your religious belief....Yoga makes a Christian a better Christian, A Hindu a Better Hindu, a Muslim a better Muslim, a Jew a Better Jew.....and I know this because I have students of every faith, and that has been their experience that they share with me. While the fitness benefits of Yoga are inevitable, the Spiritual and Mental benefits are enormous.

I am grateful to have been on this journey with Joseph, and I know he will inspire many people worldwide. As Zoga Yoga is on its way to be a Global Experience that helps people, and inspires people to help others, I am fully confident and grateful to have Joseph and all the other Newly Certified Teachers in this Army of Love. Thank you Joseph for being so AMAZING!

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