Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Another Amazing Dharma Class

While I am slowly preparing to say a temporary Au Revoir to NYC for a while to spread the awareness of Yoga in Canada & visit family, I am also soaking up as many amazing Yoga classes as I can. Therefore, it is only expected that I would be immersing myself in as many Dharma classes as possible! Last night I went to Dharma (again) and was met with two soon to be certified Yoga Instructors, Stephanie & Jessica. Both women spent months with me and a variety of other amazing Instructors in the Zoga Yoga Teacher Training experience, hosted at Excel Yoga Studio. We sat and waited in the lobby and I introduced the ladies to my friend & founder of Yogi Beans, Lauren. We chatted and waited for class. We walked into the Temple and laid our mats in the back, I mentioned how my body was slightly sore from a kick butt Karate Class with Sensei Joseph @ Harmony By Karate, and both the ladies told me they were a bit tired too. This class was Jessica's first experience, but Stephanie had been to Dharma before. Dharma led the class in an amazing Yoga Asana experience, with his wise words weaving through the sequence, and occasional jovial quips. Sri Dharma made fun of the entire class at one point when all of us mixed our right from our left. The energy at the Dharma Yoga Center is incredible, like nothing else. Not only do you learn from an incredible master, you are also encouraged to copy and learn from some incredible Yogis who practice regularly with Dharma too. One thing I noticed is that some poses that you normally do not do in your regular asana practice can be done at Dharma's and I have to say it must be because of the amazing energy in that beautiful Temple. At the end of class Dharma speaks for sometime and reminds us about the depth of the practice beyond the asana, with advice on diet, meditation, the importance of being receptive to the Grace of God and much more.

He is a blessing to NYC. As always I recommend every person who practices Yoga to take a class at Dharma, and it is actually part of the requirements of the Zoga Yoga Teacher Training that students must attend one Dharma Master Class. We could not stay afterwards to request a picture with Sri Dharma because he was teaching his Stress & Anxiety Talk, so we left, bought some shirts (btw Thank you Stephanie for the lovely gift) and took a picture by an amazing photo of Sri Dharma doing his famous Headstand on the streets of NYC. Thank you ladies for sharing this amazing experience, and thank you Sri Dharma for another incredible class!!!
Photo: Stephanie, Ambria & Jess in front of Dharma's famous picture @ Dharma West

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