Monday, August 1, 2011

Acro Yoga with Agustin

On Joseph's teacher training experience ended with exposure to the amazing world of Acro Yoga with an amazing Dharma Yogi and Acro Expert, Agustin. Agustin is beautiful both inside and out, and this year took over some Yoga Classes that I was unable to teach due to scheduling conflicts, so all around he has been a real blessing to me. He led us in the most amazing afternoon I have had in weeks. Every time I have seen Acro Yoga, I have been intimidated, wondering if my height, weight, or at sometimes day dreaming or controling mind would pose as a problem. The mind is really the biggest thing in Acro Yoga, because as Agustin said "the rest is just Physics". Agustin was quick to notice how I like to be in control, because when I was flying it was hard for me to trust and surrender, this is a perfect way to practice non-attachment. If you think left, right, up and down cues are hard, try it upside down while you are balanced on someone's feet. We went through so many vinyasas, flipping, turning, laughing, heads in crotches, wardrobe malfunctions, the discovery that Indian girls have booty, and a lot of mental discoveries. In more ways than one I felt exposed LOL. When I shared the account of my experience with a friend afterwards, she jokingly told me "somebody owes somebody a dinner". Acro Yoga is more of a mental workout than anything else. You have to trust your partner, and surrender. While it was easy to surrender to both Joseph & Agustin, the listening while flying and transitioning was a challenge at times (for me). It was hard for me to believe that I could hold Joseph up when it was my turn to be the base, and I learned that it is more physics than strength. Joseph of course did amazing both as a base and flyer. Agustin is truly a blessing to the Yoga community and the world of Acro Yoga. His knowledge, skill, and approach to teaching make it easy to trust. I hope to have more opportunities to do Acro Yoga now, as I understand for a Yoga Instructor it is important for us to maintain that practice of non-attachment & surrender. We concluded with some lovely Tai Yoga Massage, which was so wonderful!!! After our amazing session the three of us had a brilliant discussion that Joseph later told me helped him a lot as a new Yoga Teacher, and ironically it opened my eyes to a lot too. The little things that teachers say, tend to stick with a student, and for me, many things Agustin said to us were exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you Agustin for sharing your wonderful energy & expertise with us, it was such an incredible experience, I hope I have more chances to learn with Acro Yoga and you in the future. Thank you Joseph for being so receptive as Sri Dharma says. At the end of our amazing afternoon of Acro fun, Joseph was awarded his certificate of Zoga Yoga 200Hrs Certificate. I know he will go on to transform lives and inspire Balance, Peace, Strength and Beauty in people's lives.

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