Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Rock Store in Toronto

Bienvenue au Canada. While I am enjoying lovely time with family, exploring Yoga up here (eh!), and teaching up here....I am also exploring the amazing world of Crystals at The Rock Store in Toronto. This store offers Reiki, Crystal Healing, and many other amazing things...and even YOGA!!! The ladies who work there are like amazing fairies, and the selection of stones is awesome! The place was brimming with stones that were buzzing from the incredible aroma of sage. I could not help but pick a few pieces that were calling me, and I hope to go back for some more! It was an amazing store. For those who want to venture to Toronto for some leisure time, you will be amazed with the lovely Vegan eateries, up & coming Yoga Studios, amazing Instructors and This Crystal Paradise called The Rock Store. Thank you Toronto for being so in tune with Holistic Health and Wellness. Missing all my lovely Yogis & Students in NYC & Thank you for your prayers & love. ~ Om Shanti Eh!


  1. Namaste'Beautiful happy to hear your loving being home and finding such awesome places to teach and spend your I hear a vacation in Toronto calling Doris, MIlta and myself??? and peace to you beautiful...<3

  2. Hey Lovely! I am enjoying the love up are all more than welcome to come visit xoxo