Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ambria live @ Cafe Vivaldi

While this world can offer many challenges, the gift and passion of music along with a Yoga practice can offer so much relief.  I have and always will consider myself a musician.  Till my last breath my pen will honor a page with poetry and lyrics, my voice will sing and echo the colors of love, and my fingers will tickle the ivories, strum my sorrows and elaborate on my emotional diary that I open up to every audience member with my music.  Music is the ultimate therapy, the heavenly expression, and universal language that connects us all.  Every song can inspire, delight, and relate to everyone around the world.  One of the venues I love to play at in NYC, is Cafe Vivaldi.  This venue has a gorgeous, buttery, grand piano, and an amazing crowd.  The club has an eclectic open mike every Monday night, bringing together a variety of talent from all over.  It was my pleasure to share some new songs at Vivaldi recently, and hear some of the local talent.  
For more information about myself (Ambria) and Cafe Vivaldi please visit:

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