Saturday, May 2, 2009

Laughing Yoga - World Laughter Day-May 3rd

After giving a Shiatsu session to Kim, I soon came to find out that she is a Laughing Yogi.  The yoga that practices uplifting your spirits.  The Yoga that looks so hillarious and fun!!!  Well to my surprise Kim was at Earth Day and she informed me of the World Laughter Day which is May 3rd.  At 11 am the group gathers at Madison Square Park by the fountain near 23rd, and they proceed to march down broadway to Union Square laughing, smiling, and making music.  Finally they meet on the lawn and laugh for world peace.  The entire event looks like tons of fun.  For more information visit:

It looks like it should be a fun event to participate in.  So if you and your friends love to laugh...join in the fun this May 3rd!


  1. Ambria ... you are a dear for sharing this with your blog fans! The weather is calling for rain, but hopefully we'll laugh the clouds away.

    Another fellow is planning a human domino effect in Union Square & we've connected to make this a joint venture! How amazing is that? I hope folks come out to laugh for World Peace.
    This will be happening all over the world on May 3rd in hundreds of cities ... what a great energy to send out into the Universe.

    Jai Bhagwan,