Friday, May 29, 2009

Yoga on a Vespa

Recently, I was met by an acquaintance of mine on his Vespa.  Being that I had fallen off a motorcycle in India as a child, I had the baggage of fear to ride the Vespa.  However, I was eager to face my fear.  The next hurdle was that I was wearing a lovely, short summer dress.  He guided me to sit on my dress and wrap my arms around him.  We proceeded to ride in midtown on a busy, gorgeous, 80 degree day.  While approaching Columbus Circle fear starts to settle in as my fingers begin to clench.  The kicker of the entire experience is that my buddy guides me to "breathe" and relax my hands.  The irony of the event made me laugh.  Here I am on a Vespa, a yoga instructor, being guided to relax and breathe by someone who has never practiced yoga ever. I allowed myself to focus on my breath, forget the memory of flying off a motorcycle when I was a kid (which was a challenge), and cultivate a sense of inner peace.  It was an amazing experience to practice Yoga on a Vespa!  Since that day, I had a second ride which was on the highway, and I am proud to say my fear has been conquered!!!  Thank you to my buddy and thank you to Yoga!


  1. Next time, try sitting side saddle like in the picture... Remember, breath & relax. LOL!
    Your buddy, pal & asociate.