Sunday, May 10, 2009

Indian Classical Music @ Atmananda Yoga Studio

Since I have been dabbling in Indian Classical Flute Lessons otherwise known as Bansuri, I was invited by my instructor (Eric Fraser) to witness brilliance at its finest.  A lovely masterful concert with world renowned Pandit Krishna Bhatt (Sitar Legend) & Pandit Anindo Chatterjee (Tabla Maestro).  The setting for the event was the gorgeous Atmanada Yoga studio.  The evening began with an opening performance by the Neel Murgai Ensemble.  The group played wonderful hypnotic eastern sounds with ease and depth.  The ensemble quickly ushered in the main act of Pandit Krishna Bhatt & Pandit Anindo Chatterjee.  I was thrilled to witness them play the Raga Yaman, which happens to be what I am learning on the Bansuri.  This was an inspirational experience.  I saw how the sensation of music captured the hearts of each and every person sitting in the room.  These gentlemen played completely improvised, with the technical difficulty that would make most musicians feel awe and admiration on a spiritual level.  Pandit Krishna Bhatt played the Raga Yaman and left everyone including Pandit Anindo Chatterjee breathless, only to conclude by informing the audience that all of the performance was unrehearsed and played on a borrowed Sitar, since his broke during travel.  WOW!  Very soon the audience watched as the Tabla Maestro and Sitar Legend communicated with their instruments with emotion, fire and intrigue, very similar to how Jazz artists go about trading fours. This performance was worth the trip to the Atmanada Yoga Studio.  Regardless of people's personal taste in music, when you experience true talent and passion at a live show, there is no other experience that can elevate the soul.  For more information about these artists and the Atmananda Yoga Studio visit :

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