Saturday, May 16, 2009

Pre Natal Yoga - It's a GIRL!!!

The benefits of prenatal yoga are worth participating in a class or a private session.  Prenatal yoga allows the mom-to-be to exercise the body and alleviate common discomforts of pregnancy while preparing the body for childbirth.  Most classes include pranayama (breath work) which help the mom send oxygen to the entire body, and learn to regulate the breath while building a closer relationship with her unborn baby.  Another aspect of Prenatal yoga is asana (postures).  The best asanas to introduce to a pregnant mom-to-be include squats, hip openers, balance postures, goddess and more.  These asanas should be tailored to her comfort and ability with props for additional support.  Kegel exercises help pregnant ladies strengthen the pelvic floor and prepare the perineum area for childbirth.  When prenatal is taken in a classroom atmosphere many ladies enjoy the sense of community and support from the other ladies.  Most of all the best aspect of Prenatal Yoga is the emphasis on focus.  Recently one of my lovely prenatal clients welcomed in a beautiful baby girl.  Yeaaaah!!!! She is here!!!!  Only one week before childbirth (as seen in the photo), this brave mom-to-be went through a full 1 hour session and squatted deep in a supported squat! WOW!  I just want to say congratulations to the Lucans and I am so thrilled that the Yoga sessions helped you focus during labor.  

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