Saturday, May 2, 2009

A TOUCH OF PEACE with Shiatsu @ Ohashi Institute

I really enjoy being a Yoga Instructor, Musician and also learning Shiatsu.  After juggling a busy schedule, I recently realized that I myself needed a touch of peace with my own Shiatsu Session. It was my pleasure to have Rosalie give me a Shiatsu Session at the Ohashi Institute.  It was the most relaxing tranquil experience.  The weather outside was cold and rainy.  The silent hum of the city and the rain added to the blissful setting as I was lying down while Rosalie restored my body to harmony with her magic touch.  The session left me in a deep luxurious sleep.

My favorite style of body work is Shiatsu.  The release from the gentle touch on the meridians is an incomparable experience.  For more information or to book a session with someone from the Ohashi Institute visit:

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