Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Brilliant Paradox of Pole and Yoga Class @ Candela Dance Studio, NYC

I have been teaching evening Yoga classes in Washington Heights on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 8pm.  Prior to the class is an amazing Pole Dancing class, which is taught by the talented, Rachel.  While many people may judge the Pole Dance as a lead up to the world of stripping, I soon realized how much of an intense workout this class really is.  The Pole works your core, allows a woman to embrace her sensual side, improve upper body strength and instills a new respect for the athleticism of the woman who pursues this as a career path.  It is a natural progression of the evening to take this fun Pole class and conclude the night with my Yoga class.  The stretching, breathing and postures in the Yoga class allow all Pole Dance students the chance to restore their muscles and minds to harmony.  It is a brilliant paradox to find these two classes back to back especially when Yoga is associated with Mind Body Spirit connection and Pole Dancing is associated with the opposite.  Both classes offer an amazing workout and can be found back to back in the heart of Washington Heights, NYC.  After participating in two Pole classes myself, I can say that it is very much like doing Yoga on the Pole, the two classes are like cousins.  For more information about these classes and other classes offered at Candela visit:

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