Monday, May 25, 2009

Corporate Yoga - NYC

While Yoga is beneficial to all people, in the stressful environment of the corporate office, yoga has an enormous impact.  Recently, I was asked to introduce a Yoga program to group of business Yoga enthusiasts.  Some people wanted the physical benefits of Yoga, but everyone in the group wanted the mental benefits.  We went through guided meditation, and gentle asana flow  (postures) and connected it all with pranayama (breath work).  The group noticed how stress levels decreased and overall department morale increased.  Often times people feel like a hectic schedule will not allow for time to escape to a Yoga studio, but the bliss of Yoga can be experienced in the confines and solitude of our own mind.  While it may not be professional to place your yoga mat on your desk, mid day, and proceed to do a series of 8 sun salutations, anyone can do a few minutes of meditation and pranyama to find mental clarity and send oxygen to the brain.  For more information and or to book a yoga session for your corporate office visit:

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