Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Missionaries of Charity- BX, NY

While having a lovely dinner with a friend in the glorious center of the world, Manhattan, I was enchanted by the discussion of charity and philanthropy.  While the two go hand in hand, I was reminded of one of my favorite charities the Missionaries of Charity.  The Missionaries of Charity was founded by the late Mother Teresa (now succeeded by Sister Nirmala) to offer love and compassion to the poorest of the world.  Originally starting in India, Mother Teresa took her mission all over the world.  Here in New York the mission offers Shelter for Shut Ins, Daily Meals for the less fortunate, and an Aids Hospice.  The sisters and brothers of this charity take an incredible vow of poverty, and dedicate their lives to helping those less fortunate.  They bring joy to people and always appreciate the love, and help of volunteers.  I like to volunteer in the Bronx, where they offer meals to the less fortunate.  

When I volunteered last Thanksgiving, the sisters made me the Star of their "Play".  The sisters have a tendency for offering a variety of entertainment to the people who come for meals on Thanksgiving and Christmas, and they pull volunteers out from the food line to the stage to participate in an almost 100% improvised play.  Since I am a familiar face, they pulled me! It was a lot of fun, and the crowd enjoyed it while they had a beautiful hot meal.  For more information about donating or volunteering with the Missionaries of Charity visit:

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