Thursday, May 21, 2009

Touch of Peace with OHASHI

My school, the Ohashi Institute offers a wide variety of Ohashiatsu classes.  The classes offer an in depth look at the Meridian system, Shiatsu style body work, and reading the body.  Recently, I participated in a Diabetes workshop with Ohashi himself.  Being that I have loved ones who have diabetes or show symptoms of this growing epidemic, it was with personal interest that I participated in the class.  The workshop taught practitioners various methods to use with people who may suffer from common discomforts of Diabetes.  While it does not provide a cure it does alleviate discomfort and the build up of toxins.  

It is not a secret that Type 2 diabetes is a rapidly growing epidemic in America and worldwide. That being said it is also highly preventable.  Eat less, exercise more is a simplified way of prevention.  

Having my back cracked by Ohashi was the highlight of the class for me.  He truly has a gift for body work.  For more information about this or other workshops at Ohashi Institute visit:

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