Tuesday, August 11, 2009

25 people sweat it out at Bamboo Moves

Bamboo Moves invited me to teach an evening Yoga class last night (Monday August 10th). While the day for me was an emotional one, I was excited to teach at a new studio. I ventured to the studio and participated in the 6:30 Belly dance class, which was too much fun. 7:30 rolls around and an ocean of yogis pour into the studio, vertically lining up their mats and eager for a yoga session. I was amazed at the crowd. The room was full (over 25 people). Some people were squeezing their mats horizontally and positioning themselves in the wee corners of the room. The day was a hot 90 degree summer day and the evening maintained that heat. We progressed into an energetic yoga class that left the entire group in a drenched sweat, an emotional high, and an overall sense of harmony.

I was impressed with the dedication every student maintained in the class. Since it was an open level class, many beginners found themselves more limber at the end of class. As with my every class, I invite students to create a dedication/intention, and use their breath to bring more positive energy towards that dedication/intention. The unity and beauty of our synchronized breathing through the fluid asana work, and the brilliant resonance of a loud Ommmm at the end of class left me in awe. I am so happy and thankful to have taught such a large group of people, shared in such an amazing flow of positive energy, and to have shared my yoga practice in a gorgeous studio like Bamboo Moves. ~ Namaste

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